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No one should have to deal with sexual harassment on the job. The Law Office of Christopher J. Smith, LLC in Gaithersburg advocates on behalf of Maryland clients who have faced coercion from supervisors and sex-related misconduct from co-workers. Attorney Christopher Smith has a detailed understanding of the law and presses employers to deliver suitable relief for the offensive behavior.

What is sexual harassment?

Sexual harassment is a form of discrimination in which an employee is subjected to unwanted treatment of a sexual nature. While many of these cases involve women being targeted by men, you can seek legal relief regardless of your gender or the gender of the person mistreating you. Whether your boss is trying to force you into a sexual relationship or co-workers post explicit photos near your desk, our experienced employment attorney can help you pursue relief, which might include back pay and compensation for the harm you've suffered. 

Quid pro quo sexual harassment

A boss or someone else who uses their superior position at work to pressure an employee into giving them sexual attention is breaking the law. This is referred to as quid pro quo sexual harassment, based on the Latin phrase meaning this for that. A manager might promise someone a job, a raise, a promotion or better work duties if they agree to date them. Alternatively, a supervisor could threaten to fire or demote a worker who refuses to provide sexual favors. If you've been victimized in this way, you might be entitled to relief in a sexual harassment claim or even a wrongful termination action if you believe you were fired because you failed to submit to a supervisor's unwelcome advances.  

Hostile work environment cases

Illegal sexual harassment does not have to involve direct pressure to engage in sexual activity with a boss. In fact, even remote workers might be victimized by offensive comments, images or videos. If you've been targeted for harassment based on your sex, we can advise your regarding a hostile work environment claim. These actions do not have to be perpetrated by a supervisor, but occur when anyone is making the workplace intolerable through unwanted sexual touching, speech or pictures.

When employers fail to take proper action

Even if you've done the right thing by reporting sexual harassment to a manager or your human resources department, your employer might not respond appropriately. Some companies try to ignore claims of mistreatment because they're worried about potential consequences or a loss in productivity. In other cases, a business might not have the proper policies in place to stop sexual harassment. If your case is not being addressed properly, our firm can file a claim with the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights (MCCR) or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Lawsuits and claims under the EEOC and MCCR

Maryland gives sexual harassment victims 300 days to file a claim with the MCCR. The standard EEOC deadline is 180 days from the incident, though this can be extended to the state deadline. From there, the applicable administrative agency will conduct a review and possibly require the parties to work out a resolution through mediation. In the event that a settlement cannot be reached and the EEOC or MCCR finds proper cause, you will receive a Notice of Right to Sue and can seek damages in court. Through documentary evidence and witness testimony, we will develop a thorough case to support your claim. Compensation can include back pay and payment for physical and emotional harm resulting from the harassment.

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