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Firm handles premises liability actions in Maryland and Washington, D.C. 

Without warning, a slip and fall injury can trigger major medical bills and prevent you from going to work. Whether you were hurt in a store, office building or the residence of someone you know, compensation might be available if your fall occurred because of the property owner's negligence. At the Law Office of Christopher J. Smith, LLC in Gaithersburg, we represent Maryland and Washington, D.C. victims in premises liability actions so that they can secure the payment they deserve and hold careless defendants accountable. 

Experienced lawyer takes on negligent property owners

In the Beltway area, our personal injury firm provides effective representation in a full range of slip and fall cases, including those where victims were hurt because of:

  • Slick walking surfaces — Liquid that is spilled on the floor of a supermarket, ice that has formed on an outdoor walkway and indoor surfaces that are slick due to cleaning should be addressed as quickly as possible. In these cases, we review the pertinent facts to determine if an unreasonable maintenance delay caused the injury.
  • Unseen obstacles — Even a small hazard can cause a serious injury if it is not removed or clearly identified. Our firm takes action against property owners who fail to remove hard-to-see obstacles in a timely fashion.
  • Damaged pavement — Cracks in parking lots and sidewalks frequently trigger falls onto hard pavement. If you were hurt in this manner, we'll examine whether repairs should have been made and if insufficient lighting also played a role. 

Whether you've suffered broken bones, a traumatic brain injury, spinal damage or some other type of physical harm in a slip and fall accident, we will gather the necessary factual and medical evidence to maximize the likelihood of a favorable verdict or settlement. 

Knowledgeable attorney advises on Maryland's contributory negligence rule

Plaintiffs bringing Maryland slip and fall claims should be aware of the state's contributory negligence law. This means that even if a property owner has not taken proper care to prevent an injury, that defendant can avoid legal liability by proving that the victim was partially to blame for his or her fall. For example, a victim would not recover damages in court if a jury found that one of the reasons they got hurt was because their shoes were untied or they were looking at their phone. We know the types of tactics that defendants and their insurers use to defeat worthy claims and fight back against baseless assertions that the victim's carelessness contributed to their slip and fall incident. 

Accomplished litigator works to hold negligent defendants accountable 

Whether it's a retail establishment, office or private home, the property owner has a duty to maintain safe conditions for authorized visitors. If it is foreseeable that a guest will be in a certain area of their premises, the individual or business responsible for the property must take reasonable steps to remove or mark any condition that is liable to cause a slip and fall accident. Our background in premises liability litigation helps plaintiffs collect fair compensation by showing that defendants violated their duty of care. 

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The Law Office of Christopher J. Smith, LLC represents Maryland and Washington, D.C. clients who have been injured in slip and fall incidents on others' property. Please call 301-760-7460 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our Gaithersburg office.

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